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Amateur Radio

VK9XX – Voice of the Red Crab

CQ all amateur radio operators. Christmas Island is the perfect location for your next Amateur Radio visit or DX-pedition. 

This tiny speck of land in the Indian Ocean is a truly fascinating paradise, inviting you to uncover its remarkable surprises of nature in a one-of-a-kind environment.  2,600 km northwest of Perth and 500 kilometres south of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, Christmas Island is 135 square kilometres in area, with Christmas Island National Park covering two thirds of the island.  Being an isolated oceanic island distant from other land masses, Christmas Island is home to a high proportion of endemic species – found nowhere else in the world – and the National Park provides fantastic opportunities to observe unique plans and animals in their natural habitats.  In and around the National Park youโ€™ll find a host of native sea and forest birds, unique fish and land crabs – including tens of millions of red crabs famous throughout the world for their spectacular annual breeding migration. 

Now operational, VK9XX, The Christmas Island Amateur Radio Club, CIARC, can assist with your equipment needs and location options for anything from Inverted V to VDA aerials. VK9XX, the CIARC Clubroom is also available for hire if you do not want the additional freight costs or equipment worry. 

There are great opportunities to maximise contacts, meet award requirements and a range of tours and activities for your XYL to enjoy. 

Some of the very much sought after DX awards that contact with the CIARC will help you to qualify, include:
Islands Of The Air (IOTA): VK WWFF Parks Award (Christmas Island National Park): Grid Square OH29: Worked all VK: VK Shires: DXCC 

VK9XX Broadcasts on  VHF – 2m Local:146Mhz   2mReptr:147.2Mhz     Skeds: 80:3.550Mhz 40:7.55Mhz 20:14105Mhz  15:21.105Mhz

Your current Station Manager is Douglas VK9JD. (
Contact CIARC now, for club bookings, mounting and equipment assistance, suggested DX Sites on the island.