Getting Here -Visiting Yachts

Getting To Christmas Island by YachtThe Port of Christmas Island and the community welcomes visiting yachts to call at Flying Fish Cove, and make use of the fine new deep water moorings each installed in 30 metres of water.

  • Three of the buoys have one tonne cluma weights; the other two are fitted with two tonne clump weights for the large visiting yachts.
  • The Harbour Master must be contacted, preferably prior to arrival when mooring instructions will be given. Channel 16 V.H.F.
  • Yachts will find it beneficial to time their arrival from 0600 first light and onwards during daylight hours. Night-time arrivals are discouraged for reasons of safety.
  • The dropping of anchors in the Cove, except under emergency conditions is harmful to the coral formations and is prohibited.
  • The large buoys of the main mooring systems are for commercial shipping operations and may not be used unless special circumstances arise and then only by instructions form the Harbour Master.
  • Flying Fish Cove is a multi use recreational area for bathing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, paddle canoes etc. Yachts approaching the area must keep a look out for these activities, and not exceed an approach speed of 5 knots.
  • Yacht dinghies used to ply to and from the Jetty must also not exceed 5 knots and be aware at all times that swimmers may be in the water at any time of the day.
  • Rubber yacht dinghies may tie up to the Jetty steps area, but aluminum craft are discouraged from doing so as they may suffer damage, or cause damage to the structure of the steps and rails.
  • The jetty in Flying Fish Cove is an integral part of commercial ship operations, with the overhead gantry system used to launch and recover the pilot vessel and the flat lipped work barges. The Jetty head must be kept clear of dinghies, at all times for this reason.
  • The Marine Building, which fronts the Jetty, contains the office of the Harbour Master and a courtesy call from visiting yacht skippers is always appreciated.
  • Located at the western end of the Marine building are public showers and toilets, open 24 hours each day, and provided for the convenience of visiting yachts. All you need is soap and a towel.
  • No garbage or galley washes to be dumped into the waters anywhere around the Island. All garbage or galley washes to be placed into sealed, double plastic bags brought ashore and placed into the garbage bins located on the foreshore area.
  • All yachts arriving on Christmas Island require Customs and Immigration formalities. Departure formalities are also required.
  • In the event that a suspected Irregular Entry Vessel (SIEV) arrives, please follow instructions and keep clear of the vessel and jetty to enable disembarkation.

Christmas Island Weather Patterns

General weather patterns at Chrismas Island are :

  • March to October: prevailing SE trade winds - vigorous at times
  • October to March: North Westerly monsoon winds and rough seas

Flying Fish Cove is an open ROADSTEAD PORT.  

Weather conditions can be unpredictable, and conditions can change rapidly without notice.

The World ARC Round the World Rally

will be visiting Christmas Island in 2017

For further information on this event, please see:

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