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Suggested Itinerary

A Week In Paradise

A visit to Christmas Island is a trip of a lifetime and Christmas Island Tourism would love to help you plan your island escape.

If we had a week’s holiday on the island, this is what we’d do. What will you do?

Day 1. Get your bearings, take a drive, jump in the water

Morning: Take the walking tour of Settlement (information and map at the Visitor Centre) and then drive to Territory Day Park to take in the stunning views of Flying Fish Cove. Meander through the Territory Day Park Nature Trail

Afternoon: Visit the Christmas Island Exhibition at Tai Jin House and finish with a relaxing snorkel in Flying Fish Cove

the grotto christmas island

Day 2. Nature walk, temple visit, snorkel and barbecue

Morning: Take a drive out to the Blowholes stopping at the stunning Strangler Fig along the way

Afternoon: Immerse yourself in the cool waters of the Grotto and visit Mar Chor Nui Nui Temple, then finish the afternoon with a snorkel and barbecue at Flying Fish Cove

dolly beach christmas island

Day 3. Beaches, swim, rainforest, birdwatching

Full day: Pack your picnic lunch, then drive to Greta and Dolly Beaches, enjoying the trek through the rainforest to Dolly Beach. Return via stunning Margaret Knoll for birdwatching. Remember binoculars and cameras.
christmas island australia

Day 4. Boardwalk, beach, history and a glorious sunset

Morning: Drive to Lily Beach and stroll along the boardwalk to Ethel Beach. Take your swimmers and enjoy a paddle in the shallows

Afternoon: Drive to South Point, taking in the historic railway station, temple and stay to catch the sunset. Return to town to enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the ocean front restaurants

bird watching christmas island

Day 5. Birdwatching, rainforest walks and a sundown snorkel

Morning: Enjoy some birdwatching from the Golf Course Lookout, adding to your already growing list of sightings.

Afternoon: Drive to the Dales and walk to Anderson’s Dale, via beautiful Hugh’s Dale. On a Saturday, finish the day with a movie under the stars

Day 6. Beaches and coastal nature trail

Full day: Pack a hearty picnic lunch, then drive to Winifred Beach (tide dependant) or West White Beach, and take time to walk the nature trail to the coast. Depending on sea conditions, enjoy a leisurely snorkel at either Winifred or West White Beach

Stay a few more days

There’s so much to do on Christmas Island, so make sure you have time to go scuba diving, deep sea fishing, play a round of golf, do some serious photography, tick off all the birds on your list, and enjoy the fresh and tantalising cuisine on the island.

Whilst in our region, why not extend your itinerary to include a few days on our nearest neighbours, the Cocos Keeling Islands. The Cocos Keeling Islands are one of Australia’s last unspoilt paradises which lies in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean offering spectacular snorkelling, world-class diving, excellent fishing and the adrenalin-rush of kitesurfing. Relax on empty beaches, visit uninhabited islands by canoe, watch spectacular birdlife or catch the ferry to Home Island to stay at the original Clunies-Ross residence and discover the culture and traditions of the Cocos Malay people. Situated 2750 kms northwest of Perth, Western Australia, the Cocos Keeling Islands are a group of coral islands that form two atolls. Only two of the 27 islands are inhabited – the rest are waiting for you to explore them.