Media Library Request

The Christmas Island Tourism Association Media Library is for authorised members only. If you are already a member please go to the media library page and login with the password you’ve been provided with.

If you are not currently a member but would like permission to access the Christmas Island Tourism Association Media Library, please complete the form below and press submit (all fields are required).  Once permission has been granted by the Christmas Island Tourism Association, images may be downloaded free of charge, however may only be used for the promotion of Christmas Island.

By submitting the form you agree to the following conditions:


1. Copyright of these images will remain with the photographer in perpetuity. All rights reserved.
2. All images must be credited to the photographer in the first instance, or CITA in the second instance.
3. Images may only be used by the recipient for purposes agreed in advance.
4. Images may not be handed to any third party for use without prior agreement, and acceptance of these conditions.
5. Any unauthorised use of the images will be charged at a rate reflecting the type of usage and will be non-negotiable.
6. If you have been supplied images or video on physical media, any media no longer in use should be returned to the Christmas Island Tourism Association.