It’s a jungle out there… And I was to run a marathon in it – not just any marathon, Christmas Island Marathon on their 60th Anniversary Year.   How does a horse vet from the south-east of England end up running on Christmas Island?  I caught the adventure marathon bug five years ago when I discovered the North Pole Marathon.  It’s been a passport to the planet since: a chance to meet some amazing people and visit some extraordinary places. 

Having knocked off the Seven Continents (twice) the Marathon Grand Slam (Seven Continents plus the North Pole), the World Marathon Challenge (Seven marathons, seven continents, seven days), become the first woman to complete the Northernmost, Southernmost and Highest marathons and being 4/6 of my way through the Abbot World Majors, what should I do next?

So “Running the Seven Seas” was born.  A club for the like-minded nutty adventure runners requiring a marathon on an Island on each of the 7 Oceans.  Christmas Island fits the bill perfectly for Indian.

I do all my running to fund-raise for the very important work done by Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s biggest (and best) breast cancer charity.  When the going gets tough (as it did when I hit the blast furnace of the coast road) I just have to remember their very real aim of stopping any more women dying of this hideous disease by 2050.

Christmas Island was put on the map by the incredible red crab migration, and by its phosphate mining.  Lets now put it on the map for its fantastic friendly and fabulous marathon.



Judy Scrine

West Sussex