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Soft Adventure

Christmas Island is an adventure playground with amazing places to experience.

You can choose your own adventure in the jungle by car, foot, mountain bike or a combination.  With 63% of the Island being National Park there are boardwalks and marked trails and more difficult walks for the fitter and more adventurous along paths less trodden.  A network of roads and trails can be explored by car or mountain bike.   Driving is as much about the journey as the destination as scenic roads wind through the rainforest.  Many of the roads are unsealed and may be rough, so take into account your and your vehicle’s ability.  The adventure steps up in the wet season when roads can be closed for the crab migration or if washed out by the rain, so check before you set out.   Unless you are taking a leisurely ride along the coastal plateau it is a tough ride up the hill to the jungles and exhilarating on the way down.  If you are bringing your own bike, please make arrangements with the airline or agent when booking.

The underwater world is just waiting to be explored with a myriad of corals, fish and other species in the clear, blue waters.  Snorkelling and diving is accessible from the beach or with one of our dive operators.  If you are thinking about getting your dive ticket there is no better place to learn or to refresh your skills.

Christmas Island is a tropical environment so take into account the heat and humidity when planning your activities.  It’s warm all year around.  The wet season extends from around November to April.  Temperatures vary little from month to month an average high of around 28 degrees C in April and an average low of around 22 degrees C in August.  Humidity ranges from 80 to 90 per cent year-round but is generally lowest during the middle of the year.