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If you are looking for an unforgettable birdwatching holiday, you will love Christmas Island. 63% of the island's 135 square kilometres is national park and the island's close proximity to South East Asia and the equator has resulted in a diverse range of bird species.

The island is large enough to have developed its own unique rainforest ecology. There are hundreds of species of birds with seven of the 13 land birds being endemic to the island, including the inquisitive Christmas Island Thrush, whose melodious evening song lends a wonderful musical quality to the tropical, palm-fringed sunsets.

Bird Breeding calendar for Christmas Island


Truly special sightings for those on a birdwatching holiday

Many species are quite inquisitive and those on a birdwatching holiday can be rewarded with some truly special sightings. Highlights include the rarest bobby and frigate birds in the world, the Abbotts Booby and the Christmas Island Frigatebird. With little effort is it quite easy to tick off a full list of residents in a busy week or more relaxed fortnight, though the elusive Christmas Island Hawk Owl keeps many coming back for more!

 Also see our annual birding event:

Christmas Island Bird'n'Nature Week 2016

30 August - 6 September 

Theme: Tropical Seabird Research and Island Endemics

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For expert on island guided Birdwatching tours, please contact:

Lisa Preston
Indian Ocean Experiences
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For guided Birdwatching tours travelling to Christmas Island

(selected dates only) please contact:
Richard Baxter
Birding Tours Australia
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Local birdwatching guides are also available - please contact the Christmas Island Tourism Association for further information.


The "Birds of Christmas Island"App

Discover images, bird calls, habitats and walks where you’ll find rare and spectacular seabirds and rainforests alive with birdsong with this fantastic "App" - available free from the iTunes App Store.



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