Christmas Island Beaches

Christmas Island BeachesLily Beach

Track : Suitable for 2WD

Lily Beach is a keyhole beach with cuts into sheer cliff on either side. There is a gazebo with table and chairs - the perfect place for a picnic! There are large trees providing shade and it has a large sandy bottomed rock pool, particularly suited to young children at low tide when it is calm, although big waves can crash through anytime and caution is required. beach_lilyWhen the seas are up Lily Beach is a spectacular place to watch the waves crashing into the cliffs. A boardwalk along the cliff edge between Lilly Beach and Ethel Beach provides a look at a variety of birds including Brown Boobys and Red Footed Boobys nesting on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. A few blow-holes will add interest to your walk.


Ethel Beach

Track : Rough, but suitable for 2WD

A left turn along a rocky track at the bend just prior to Lily Beach. There is a sandy channel at the eastern end of the beach that is a good entry point for snorkelling when the water is calm. This part of the coast tends to be calmer during the wet season (October to April).

Greta Beach

Track : 4WD needed

Approximately 30 minutes drive from Settlement and then a short three minute walk into the beach through rainforest. This beach is a collection point for interesting flotsam and jetsam washed ashore and is home to thousands of tiny hermit crabs. There is a secluded rock pool at the end of the beach suitable for children when it is calm. This is a major site for crab spawning and Turtles nest all year round on this beach.

Dolly Beach

Track : 4WD needed

Dolly Beach is one of the prettiest and most secluded beaches on the island and is deserted much of the time. It is a popular spot for camping amongst locals, as it has fresh water and a flat area behind the beach. The car park is approximately a 30 minute drive from Settlement and walking time into the beach through the rainforest is approximately 45 minutes on a boardwalk. There are shallow rock pools and a sandy beach surrounded by overhanging coconut palms. Dolly Beach is the larger of the two beaches where marine turtles nest, the other being Greta Beach. Tracks of nesting adults and of emerging hatchlings can be seen amongst the drifted logs, coconuts and other debris.

West White Beach

Track – suitable for 2WD

Approximately 30 minutes drive from Settlement then a 45 min – 1 hour walk into the beach. This is a strenuous walk, with a short cliff descent (rope provided). Definitely not for small children and requires reasonable fitness. A secluded, long beach edged by a series of rockpools with a view across to the Settlement.

Winifred Beachbeach_winifred

Track – 4WD needed

Approximately 45 minutes drive through rainforest and then 30 minute walk into the beach. Advisable to go at low tide (details available from the Visitor Information Centre). A beautiful beach suitable for snorkelling or just relaxing with a cool drink and some lunch.


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