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Helping our wildlife after Cyclone Gillian

Over the weekend, Tropical Cyclone Gillian caused significant damage to some areas of the island’s forests. Many trees succumbed to the extreme weather, including large emergent trees and smaller understorey trees.  Parks are concerned about the impacts of the forest damage on our iconic wildlife, in particular, the Abbott’s booby, and also other sea birds and flying foxes. You can help. The availability of fruit food for land birds and bats is of particular concern, given the amount of damage caused to fruiting trees around the island. If you can and it is safe to do so, please refrain from felling damaged fruit trees...
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The babies return! The biggest baby red crab return in 15 years.

  After the red crab spawning in December last year, the first round of tiny baby red crabs arrived on the shores of Christmas Island 10 days ago to begin their long march inland.     Excited locals and park staff have made their way to the beach each morning to witness this incredible sight - and many have shared photos with us on our Facebook page. The beach and rocks have been covered by these miniscule crabs each moring - in fact the locals say they haven't seen a return this big in 15 years.     After spending...
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Announcing the 2014 Australia's Indian Ocean Islands Tourism Awards

Are you in the tourism industry, do you offer great customer service or do you know a tourism legend?

Nominate for Australia’s Indian Ocean Tourism Awards

What are Australia’s Indian Ocean Islands Tourism Awards?

2014 marks the launch of the inaugural Australia’s Indian Ocean Islands Tourism Awards – jointly developed and managed by the Christmas Island Tourism Association Inc and the Cocos Keeling Islands Tourism Association Inc.

The Awards are open to all in the tourism industry in our region. The Awards demonstrate the value of tourism to Australia’s Indian Ocean Islands being Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Award winners will be celebrated at the inaugural biennial Gala Presentation, to be held on Christmas Island, 2 May 2014. Everyone involved in the tourism industry is encouraged to enter the awards.

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2013 Red Crab Migration, Boxing Day - the road to Ethel Beach!

From Boxing Day onwards most roads were closed, including this one, Golf Course Road,  the fastest route from Settlement to Christmas Island Resort, usually very busy. It's also the fastest route to Ethel Beach, one of the major hubs this year for the migrating crabs. The locals claim they haven't seen as many crabs at Ethel Beach for many years.     And here they are on Ethel Beach.            

The 2013 Red Crab Migration: as it happened.

This year's much-anticipated second red crab spawning finally happened across two nights - the 27th and 28th of December.     And it was a big event. There was action a-plenty at both Ethel Beach and Flying Fish Cove, where most spectators gathered to watch this incredible event. Late in the afternoon on Boxing Day, the crabs made their way down to the shore and hung around the rocks, waiting for the morning's high tide. Flying Fish Cove was closed to traffic in the late afternoon as the crabs headed through the Kampong for the beach, over and under anything...
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Red Crab spawning date is 29th & 30th December

    Now that the crabs have begun their migration the spawning dates for 2013 are expected to be on 29 and 30 December. It is likely that some crabs will begin spawning a day or two earlier and others may continue a day or two afterwards, with diminishing numbers as time progresses. When they spawn, females go down to the water’s edge under the cover of darkness, around two hours before sunrise (which is about 5:30 am). If you want to watch the spawning, be on the beach by 4:00 am and bring a torch and your camera! As...
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Crabbest Song Competition 2014

The Christmas Island Tourism Association has partnered with music organisation CI 100 Club and Muso City to create the Crabbest Song Competition 2014. The competition will give both Christmas Island’s budding musicians, as well as musicians across the country, the chance to win gear from Muso City’s extensive catalogue of music equipment and accessories. The competition will be split into two separate opportunities to win. The first will be a song writing competition open to all residents of Christmas Island where the prize pool includes close to $3000 worth of music gear. Then a second will be a national competition...
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Patchy rain has caused a split in the red crab migration - this year we'll have 2!

  Light rain at the end of October prompted a bit of a false start when some eager young males began marching up north. Some males reached the coastal cliffs and began dipping in the sea in preparation for mating, joined by quite a lot of females and the stage looked set for spawning. The middle of November gave us some more really good rain – rousing the remaining red crabs from their burrows and off toward the ocean. These crabs have missed the November spawning window and will spawn at the end of December, so the island will have a split or...
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Recycled artworks from Christmas and Cocos on display now at the Fremantle Festival.

Only one more weekend! Make sure you head down to the Fremantle Festival and check out our recycled art at the Art Adrift exhibition! Thanks to Kaz Singer for these fantastic photos of the opening event. To see more - visit our Facebook page .      

An update from Parks Australia on this year's red crab migration.

Here on Christmas Island, Parks Australia has been busily preparing for the annual red crab migration. It's a huge udertaking for 20 million crabs, and a huge undertaking for Parks Australia and the island's residents too! Five km of temporary fences has been added to the 12 km of permanent fencing that funnels the crabs along the sides of roads and into the underground crossings and a year's worth of leaves and debris has been raked out of the tunnels so the crabs can get through - it’s a mammoth job that needs to be done quickly. It’s been very dry...
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