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Celebrating the Sea: Sea Week on Christmas Island

This week is Sea Week on Christmas Island, and we're celebrating everything we love about the ocean that surrounds our little island, from the sensational seafood to the fun and games we have swimming, surfing, snorkeling and diving. The festival started with a blessing, as we paid homage to the sea by lighting a candle at the temple for the Goddess of the Sea, Ma Chor Nui Nui and had a day of family fun at Flying Fish Cove. All week there will be sensational hand-crafted (local and sustainable) seafood dishes on offer at Rumah Tinggi and an opportunity for...
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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

This year Christmas Island celebrated the Chinese New Year with a lot of help from the Christmas Island Kung Fu Club, who turned out some very impressive lion dancers. This year is the Year of the Wood Goat according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The Goat is the 8 th sign of the 12 year cycle of animals that appear in the Chinese Zodiac and is a symbol of happiness, peace, tranquility and hope.  Those born this year are aid to be clever, kind hearted and peace loving people. Celebrations started on the eve of the New Year, with decorations,...
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On behalf of the Christmas Island Red Crabs… we thank-you.

This year we have been lucky enough to experience another successful red crab migration, with the biggest return of babies seen in a long time. And we’d like to say THANKS – to everyone who helped to keep our crabs safe. Thank-you to our National Parks team for the hard work involved, managing the crab barriers, tunnels and bridges, to divert crabs away from traffic. Thank-you to the Australian Federal Police for supporting parks traffic management and thank-you to the Shire of Christmas Island for enabling roads to be managed by park staff. And most of all, thank-you to the...
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Ocean Film Festival comes to Christmas Island!

On the 11th March, we can all immerse ourselves in the wonders of the ocean without getting our feet wet as the Christmas ISland Cinema Club presents the Ocean Film Festival Australia.  The festival showcases more than two hours of awesome footage taken above and below the surface, and according to Festival organiser Jemima Robinson; “ The films document the beauty and power of the ocean, and celebrate the divers, surfers, swimmers and oceanographers who live for the sea’s salt spray; who chase the crests of waves; and who marvel at the mysteries of the big blue.” Films feature captivating...
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So what's Christmas like on Christmas Island?

The Christmas spirit has well and truly arrived on Christmas Island, with Christmas lights up, carols by candlelight at the church and many end of year parties with guest appearances from Santa. Families and friends celebrate Christmas on the island in their own ways, sometimes at home or places like Flying Fish Cove. Some of the locals have a traditional shore dive and snorkel at Flying Fish Cove on Christmas morning before heading home for Christmas lunch. Some gather on the promenade in front of the Kampong for a barbeque lunch, and some come down to the Cove after lunch...
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The island where Christmas has arrived early

Nature lovers from all over the world are flocking to Christmas Island, and it’s nothing to do with imminent arrival of a certain big man in a red suit.   The mass migration of millions of endemic red land crabs has turned the Indian Ocean island into the set of a real-life Discovery Channel documentary. Described by naturalist Sir David Attenborough as one of the most spectacular annual migrations on the planet, this extraordinary natural phenomena will climax on Thursday (18 December), when on the outgoing high tide, millions of the female red crabs will simultaneously spawn (drop their eggs...
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Q&A: Kara Murphy's first impressions...

Award winning photo journalist Kara Murphy visited Christmas Island for the first time recently and we thought we'd ask her about her first impressions of the island. Luckily for Kara, she arrived in the middle of this year's red crab migration - an event that always makes an impression. So here is our little Q&A... CITA: What did you know about Christmas Island before you arrived here? Kara: From a tourist perspective, I’d heard about the annual red crab migration, the seasonal whale sharks, and the fantastic scuba diving. And I’d been told that the crab migration had begun the...
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Your Guide to the 2014 Red Crab Migration

It’s one of the world’s great animal migrations. The journey made by Christmas Island’s red crabs from the rainforest to the ocean’s edge for their annual breeding migration is a spectacular event, and the mass spawning (release of eggs into the sea) by millions of female crabs, the highlight.  Although it is difficult to predict exactly what nature will do each year, it is reasonably well understood that females spawn on an outgoing morning tide during the last quarter of the moon. Now that the crabs have begun their migration it is expected that the spawning dates for 2014 will...
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And they’re off! The 2014 red crab migration starts.

Following some decent rainfall, the 2014 red crab migration has now started, with our 40 million crabs now making their slow way to the sea.  Gradually more and more roads are being closed, and the signs are out to warn drivers to take care – slow down and drive around. And visitors have started arriving from all over the world to witness this amazing event. Some from as far away as Mexico! The BBC have a film crew here and they are already excitedly been tweeting photos of their experience here. This first stage, the main downward migration, is well...
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CI's Dewi Ang wins another prestigious accolade!

Young Dewi Ang has already distinguished herself as a rookie reporter for Behind The News and as the 2013 winner of the ABC's Heywire competition, and the Christmas Island Highschool student has now won a position as one of 32 student ambassadors to travel to Turkey to take part in commemorative services on ANZAC Day. Dewi will travel to Turkey on 16 April 2015 as one of 32 Australian student ambassadors to underatke a study tour of the Gallipoli Peninsula and Istanbul, prior to attending the commerorative services on 25 April marking the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at...
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