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Elizabeth Rippey talks about her new book: Christmas Island Animals, Plants and Ecology.

Elizabeth Rippey launched her new book, “Christmas Island, Animals, Plants and Ecology”, this week, during our 10 th annual Bird & Nature Week. She has been visiting the island for some years and now comes every year for the event. We asked her a few questions about what inspired her to publish the book, and why she continues to visit the island. What first drew you to visit Christmas Island? (Seabird Ecologist) Dr Nic Dunlop and Dee Margetts invited us to the island as they have a flat here. We stayed with them and it was wonderful. What is so...
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First Impressions: Photographer and Adventurer Chris Bray

Photographer and adventurer Chris Bray has been running photography tours to Christmas Island for two years now. He tells us about his first impressions of the island in this guest blog post. I first visited Christmas Island back in 1990 when I was just a boy of seven, sailing around the world with my family on our homemade sailboat. I remember it as a lush, green tropical paradise crawling with brightly coloured crabs, surrounded by warm, crystal-clear water with amazing snorkeling, and the trees, rocks and skies filled with all manner of seabirds. When I returned in May 2013 to...
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Our red crab migration sparks interest in Canada.

The annual red crab migration featured on Canadian TV recently, sparking a flurry of new likes for our Facebook page from that part of the world. The segment featured on Canada's Daily Planet and highlighted the impact these creatures have on island life for a few weeks each year. Christmas Island is home to roughly 50 million red crabs, in fact they outnumber humans 300,000 to one. Their annual migration to the sea to spawn takes place each year during the rainy season, between October and January, and it needs very special conditions. The crabs will not make it to the...
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Indian Ocean Experiences' Lisa Preston shares her Hawk-Owl experiences

Christmas Island’s Hawk-Owl is one of a few endemic bird species to be found on the island. Guest blogger Lisa Preston, who runs bird and nature tours of Christmas Island, shares her experiences with this curious little bird, and a few secrets about luring them out for a photo! Christmas Island, whilst being quite remote and not overly large, is proud to boast an endemic Hawk-Owl. These little birds have persevered despite introduced pests, feral cats and extensive clearing of habitat for mining. My first real sighting of the Hawk-Owl  was during our very first Bird'n'Nature Week in 2006. Resident...
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The story behind our amazing mosaic

Recently our community came together to help produce a work of art. A beautiful mosaic that celebrates Christmas Island's natural beauty. Patricia Power, who heads up Arts and Culture Christmas Island (ACCI) and coordinated this project, takes us through the creative process... (Feature image Sandy Robertson) What was the inspiration to create the mural? The original idea was to involve the community in creating a mosaic seat that would be incorporated into the Urban Design Foreshore Plan. It was to be part of a series of functional public art that reflected aspects of Christmas Island’s environment, heritage and culture. What...
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Close encounters on Christmas Island, Australia’s own Galapagos

  Encounters with wildlife are always special, especially when they are rare encounters – animals that are not found everywhere, animals that you need a good deal of luck to stumble across. Part of the reason an encounter with a whale shark on Christmas Island – even though they are known to frequent our waters – is still incredibly special.   Guest blogger Simon Mallender shares his Christmas Island close encounter with us, and why it was so special. So here we are. Five divers and I, hanging at a depth of 18m, about 80m from the reef edge over...
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Local Talent: Yvonne McKenzie

If you’ve spent any time on our Facebook page, you’ll have no doubt have seen some of talented photographer Yvonne McKenzie’s photos. Yvonne has wonderful ability to capture images that reflect the spirit of Christmas Island, the character of its unique creatures and the beauty of our natural surroundings. We asked Yvonne about what inspires her as a photographer. CITA: How long have you called Christmas Island home? I’ve lived here for nearly 5 years (since July 2010) with my husband Peter and our two gorgeous sons, Dylan (5) and Jesse (3). CITA: How do you spend your days? I...
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Local talent: meet photographer Kirsty Faulkner

You can see from the contributions to our Facebook page that people living on Christmas Island are pretty passionate about their island home. It shows in their comments, and in the stories and photos they share with us.  So we thought we’d chat with a few of our local residents and ask them what makes Christmas Island so special.  First under the spotlight is talented photographer Kirsty Faulkner. Here’s what she had to say. CI: How long have you called Christmas Island home? I’ve lived here with my husband & 3 beautiful children for over seven amazing years! CI: What...
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Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown visits Christmas Island

TV personality, v eterinarian and animal lover  Dr Chris Brown visited Christmas Island recently to check out our unique wildlife for some upcoming episodes of The Living Room . You'll be able to watch Chris's adventures this Friday, 3rd April at 7.30pm on Network 10. Chris was lucky enough during his visit to witness the red crab migration and this year's spawning event while he was here, an event that Sir David Attenborough has described as one of the world's great wonders. Chris was up before dawn with the rest of the island's residents, along with visitors from all over...
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Christmas Island Underwater: Flying Fish Cove

Having recently celebrated our sea with Sea Week, we thought we’d share some of our favourite underwater places with you on the blog. To kick things off, everyone’s favourite waterhole, whatever watersport you choose, be that swimming, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking or sailing (or jumping off the jetty). Many people would rate Flying Fish Cove as the best shore dive in the Indian Ocean (not just locals!) Here’s just one way of exploring it… Your dive starts to get interesting within a few seconds/metres of entering the water. It goes a little like this… Follow the line of the jetty straight...
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