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Flying from Jakarta to Christmas Island - how easy is it?

  So, what is the Jakarta to Christmas Island flight really like, and is it an easy transfer if you are just transiting through Jakarta?  We asked local Christmas Island resident, Karenn Singer, to tell us after she recently returned to the island from annual leave "through the north" as the locals like to say. Karenn says, "Terminal 3 Jakarta is one of the best airport terminals in the world, providing Christmas Island locals and visitors with easy connections and great facilities.  Arriving in the morning on my way to Christmas Island it was an easy shuttle bus ride from...
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So what is Christmas on Christmas Island really like?

While people all over the world are putting the finishing touches to their Christmas decorations, on the island named after Christmas, it's the wildlife who are stealing the show. Everywhere you look, whether it be in the rainforest, in the sky, or in the water, the island's unique creatures are embracing the festive spirit.  "It's as if someone has draped the island in the traditional Christmas colours of red and green" says Lisa Preston, Chairperson of the Christmas Island Tourism Association - referring to the combined effect of millions of the island's world famous crabs with their bright red carapaces...
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Protecting our Christmas Island endemics

As our Bird'n'Nature Week continues on Christmas Island, we thought we'd share some of the great conservation work being done on the Island to protect our seabirds ... Dr Janos Hennicke, from the Department of Ecology and Conservation, Biocentre Grindel, University of Hamburg, visits Christmas Island regularly to study and monitor our seabirds - we caught up with him during his recent visit to the Island studying the critically endangered Abbott's Booby and Christmas Island Frigatebird, and found out a little about how he became involved in protecting our Christmas Island wildlife ... Tell us a little about yourself I...
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A Boy’s ‘Make-A-Wish’ to see the Red Crabs Spawning

When 17-year old Daniel, diagnosed with kidney cancer, was invited to Make-A-Wish, his response was completely unexpected. Not too many high school kids show a fascination for nature and the environment, and so when Daniel ‘wished’ to go to Christmas Island to see the red crab migration, he surprised everyone – but very pleasantly as it turns out. After his wish was granted, he travelled with his parents and two younger brothers to Christmas Island for a week. And the good news is he did get to see the Red Crab Migration and many of the other wonders of Christmas...
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Christmas Island Sea Week: an island of ocean advocates

While the locals on Christmas Island appreciate living with such an incredible marine environment at their doorstep, Sea Week is the time of year when everyone gets together to celebrate it, and educate people about what needs to be done to protect it. During the week, various work shops were held to show people how to reduce their plastic waste, beach clean-ups were organised at Greta Beach and Flying Fish Cove, community groups printed reusable shopping bags using debris found on the beach and everyone got together under the stars at the open-air cinema to watch the Ocean Film Festival....
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Swell news for Christmas Island

Chris and Jess Bray, well known to Christmas Islanders for their popular photography tours, have received approval to develop a luxury eco-lodge inside the national park of Christmas Island, returning the remote, wildlife-filled Australian territory to the centre of attention for the right reasons after more than a decade of detention centre debacles. Construction of Swell Lodge’s solar-powered, glass-fronted eco-chalets along a 500m section of coastline will commence later this year, and is the first such eco-accommodation allowed inside any of the Commonwealth national parks which include Uluru, Kakadu and Norfolk Island. As Judy West, Acting Director of National Parks...
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Meet Leila Jeffreys, artist, journalist and Christmas Island bird lover.

Leila Jeffreys first visited Christmas Island some time ago, and it changed her life forever. “Flying in on a small plane, I looked down on imposing cliffs, dark, lush rainforests and thousands of pterodactyl-like birds circling on the currents above the jungle. It looked like Jurassic Park and it was exhilarating.” At this stage, Leila was already “consumed by a love of bird photography” and was drawn to the island for Christmas Island Bird ‘n’ Nature Week, where she met biologist and author Tim Low, who’s books had a “profound effect” on her. Leila is also the author of Birdland,...
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Wasps VS Ants - bio control to eradicate Yellow Crazy Ants

As many of you know, invasive yellow crazy ants have posed a serious threat to Christmas Island’s wildlife , the red crab population in particular, but it looks like scientists have finally found a solution: a micro-wasp from Malaysia. After more than seven years of research, community consultation, and biosecurity checks, the first batch of micro-wasps have been released in Christmas Island National Park to control yellow crazy ants. The baby wasps, growing inside parasitised scale insects, were bred in captivity in Malaysia. At the end of January this year, they were released into the forest canopy into a yellow...
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Kirsty Faulkner announces her first Christmas Island photo tour!

This week, local photographer Kirsty Faulkner announced her first photo tour, a chance for budding photographers to tour the island with Kirsty, learn all her secret vantage points, explore some unknown places and gain some amazing insights into her photographic skills. We thought we’d ask Kirsty about a few of the things that inspire her… What came first, the camera or the view? Definitely the view!  From the minute you land on this island, you are surrounded by nature.  The towering trees, crystal blue waters, gorgeous birds… its hard to miss!   The camera came much later, once my little family...
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Chris Bray’s red Christmas on Christmas Island

This festive season, adventure photographers Chris and Jess Bray spent Christmas on Christmas Island and found a whole new way to celebrate… Swapping the festive family feast for something a little less frenzied, my wife Jess and I decided we’d spend Christmas on Christmas Island last year. More than just a corny cliché, our holiday hideaway, decorated with the largest return of baby red crabs ever seen, turned out to be both remarkably refreshing and utterly unforgettable: Growing up sailing around the world, I first visited this tropical paradise as a seven-year-old kid in 1990. Memories of snorkeling in crystal-clear...
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