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Christmas Island Tourism Association Inc became an incorporated body in 1996. The Association is membership based and elects an Executive Committee annually at an Annual General Meeting. The Executive meets on a monthly basis with the CITA staff to discuss and implement strategies to promote tourism within the region.

The Association operates from the Visitor Information Centre in Gaze Rd. The Visitor Information Centre is an integral part of the operation as a focal point for all tourists to the island where they can gain access to any information and services they may require to make the tourism experience an enjoyable one. At the Visitor Information Centre, you can also find a range of products that include books and travel guides about Christmas Island.

The objectives of the Association are:

• Increase visitor numbers by promoting media and public relations releases
• Provide and promote information for travel agents, tour operators, airlines and intending visitors
• Promote the island as a tourist destination through domestic and overseas trade shows
• Operate the Visitor Information Centre
• Establish quality standards for island tour operators and businesses
• Co-ordinate tourism training programs in conjunction with IOGT
• Improve the quality of the island’s holiday experience in co-operation with tour operators, local businesses, Parks Australia, Shire of Christmas Island, and the community in general
• Encourage further tourist projects and support the development of tourist related facilities and services
• Promote a greater awareness of the importance of tourism and its benefits
• Promote the islands tourism interests to Government


By the year 2015, we want Christmas Island to be recognised as a great destination for tourism.

We want to be recognised as having a unique suite of tourism products focused on the Island’s natural and cultural strengths.

We want to be known for our hospitality which reflects the diversity of our culture and demonstrates high quality customer service.

We want tourism to be making a greater contribution to the Island’s economy whilst not detracting from other values.

We want all the community to see tourism as a vibrant and positive way to sustain the social, cultural and environmental values of the island for future generations.