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From 10th June 2022, after two and a half year hiatus, yachts can once again travel to Christmas Island.

Sea arrivals are subject to the same rules as air arrivals, including vaccination and travel application requirements. For more information on entry requirements please visit

  • When arriving at Christmas Island visiting yachts should contact the Harbour Master on VHF Ch16 for mooring instructions. Call sign is “Christmas Island Port Control”.
  • Yacht moorings are available in Flying Fish Cove throughout the year. Generally 4 – 5 moorings are available at any given time. Please note mooring fees apply.
  • Visiting yachts are advised to time their arrival during daylights hours for safety reasons.
  • The dropping of anchors in Flying Fish Cove may harm coral formations and is therefore prohibited. Exceptions for safety reasons may be granted with the express permission of the Harbour Master.
  • The large buoys of the main mooring systems are for commercial shipping operations and may not be used.
  • Flying Fish Cove is a multi-use recreational area for swimming, snorkelling and diving, canoeing and other aquatic activities. Yachts entering or leaving Flying Fish Cove must keep a look out for persons involved in these activities; and not exceed the 8 knot speed limit.
  • Yacht dinghies used to ply to and from the jetty must also observe the 8 knots speed limit and be aware of persons in the water at all times.
  • Yacht dinghies may tie up to the landward side of the landings and ramp at the head of the jetty. Dinghies are not to be secured to the aluminium stairs and landing on the eastern side of the jetty.
  • The jetty in Flying Fish Cove is an integral part of commercial shipping operations. The gantry crane is used to launch and recover the port work vessels. The jetty area under the gantry crane extensions must be kept clear of dinghies at all times.
  • The Marine Building, which fronts the jetty, contains the office of the Harbour Master; a courtesy call from visiting yacht skippers is always appreciated.
  • Located at the western end of the Marine building are public showers and toilets, open 24 hours each day, and provided for the convenience of visiting yachts. All you need is soap and a towel.
  • No garbage or galley washes to be dumped into the waters anywhere around the Island.  Any food or waste is quarantinable and cannot come ashore.  There are currently no facilities or arrangements for Christmas Island to accept quarantine waste.
  • All yachts arriving on Christmas Island require Customs and Immigration formalities conducted by the Australian Border Force (ABF).  If you’re travelling by boat, the master of a vessel arriving in Australia is required by law to give notice to ABF of impending arrival.  Information relating to reporting periods and information on what you need to advise us can be found at To advise us that you are coming you can:

Departure formalities are also required.

We look forward to welcoming yachties to our shores next month!