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Christophe Sepot is a man on a mission: he’s sailing around the world in 80 dates. That’s right – this cheeky Belgian is breaking hearts (or maybe having his own broken) as he sails around the world with his mate.

Last month he had Date No. 43 on Christmas Island, with local Rhiannon Bird and we asked him how it all went…

What inspired this journey?

I met Cedric (the captain) a while ago travelling and was offered the chance to sail around the world when and if Cedric bought a boat. While working for a TV company in Belgium, Cedric rang and proposed that they sail around the world, and I was inspired to make a documentary about sailing around the world but it had already been done so I needed another baseline for the story. My mum then said; “Isn’t it time to find a wife?” and that’s where I got the idea.

Christophe with robber crab

What have been your most memorable dates?

Date 43 of course! A date that includes helping an injured robber crab at Dolly Beach has to be memorable. Swimming with whales in Tonga was also memorable as well as Skydiving in Darwin.

His date in Palestine, where he had to go through a military stop point and there were young children with machine guns. Then there was the date where I was set up on a date by a father who had murdered someone and discovering that on film.

So far – which has been the most unusual?

Having a date with not only a lady but having her family sit next to us while they were all together. I also have a male date in the coming weeks which will be interesting.

Which have been the biggest disasters?

Definitely No. 42 for Cedric. We brought a date from Cairns to Darwin on the yacht and she was sea sick the whole way.

For me, the Italian model. She thought I was famous and expected a massive film crew so she got all dolled up but when she met me and saw his little Sony camera she was not impressed. She then was silent the whole way but also couldn’t speak much English anyway.

Where was your last date?

Darwin and Cairns. It was good until we sailed, then it was a disaster.

Christophe and Rhiannon Dolly Beach

What did you do for your Christmas Island date?

We went to Martin Point, Dolly Beach and The Grotto, then had dinner at the Bosun.

Was it a success?

It was a success! We planned for Rhiannon to sail with us to Cocos, however there were no flights available to get her back in time for work so it didn’t work out.

Where is your next date?

Cocos Keeling Islands.

You can follow Christophe’s adventures/exploits on his Facebook Page.